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Jesus Revolution Tops Cocaine Bear At The Box Office With $3.3 Million

Faith-based film Jesus Revolution has beat newcomer Cocaine Bear with $3.3 million in early showings and could easily top weekend showings. Jesus Revolution (PG-13), which tells the true story of the 1960s/70s hippie revival, grossed more than $2 million on Wednesday and $940,000 on Thursday for a total $3.3 million, according to box office info reported by Deadline and others. 

Cocaine Bear (R), which tells the true story of a bear taking illegal drugs, grossed $2 million on Thursday. Both films hit theaters this weekend, with Jesus Revolution in 2,475 theaters and Cocaine Bear in 3,000 theaters, according to Deadline.

Jesus Revolution is made by the same Kingdom Story Company filmmakers who produced I Can Only Imagine, American Underdog, Woodlawn and I Still Believe.

The faith-based film has a 100% positive audience-verified score on Rotten Tomatoes. It also attracted rave reviews from mainstream critics on the site.

Variety’s Dennis Harvey called it “new” and said it was “one of the most appealing faith-based big-screen entertainments in a while, polished and persuasive without getting too preachy.”

Pete Hammond of Deadline also called it “new” and said it was “like something out of a time capsule, but one good-hearted and sincere enough to spread the word to those open enough to take it all in.”

Andy Erwin, producer of Jesus Revolution, told Christian Headlines that the film is the most evangelistic film Kingdom Story Company has made.

Erwin told Christian Headlines: “This is an awesome, entertaining, very funny, very disarming and even rebellious, kind of take on a story that will surprise people within the church and from outside the church. It’s a great conversation starter.”

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